The lakes
The HC Sassenhein in Haren (Groningen) has two waters where you can fish without a fishing pass but with a membership or day ticket.The northern lake is 8 hectares and has a good carp (over 20 kg) and tench stock. Night fishing is allowed on the south bank, the north bank is only for day fishing.
The southern lake is 11 hectares and up to 17 meters deep. Night fishing is allowed everywhere and the water has a good stock of carp (over 20 kg) and pike.

Fishing is allowed on both waters with a maximum of 2 rods.
An unhooking mat is always mandatory.
A boat or bait boat is only allowed on the Zuidplas.
Wading is not allowed on the northern lake.
Braided line is not allowed, only for predatory fishing.
Making fire is not allowed.
Always take each other into account.

A day ticket can be purchased in the Pavilion Sassenhein at Lutsborgsweg 51/53 and costs between € 5,- and € 12,- per 24 hours depending on your age. It is also possible to buy a day ticket online.
You then enter your personal details and you can pay with ideal. You will receive a day ticket directly in your email.

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